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Progenta is the leading cleaning and floor maintenance expert. We can extend the lifespan of a floor by up to four years. We look beyond the spotless floor and focus on the sustainable floor of the future. No wonder we’re able to say that ‘Our orange is very green!’


That’s because we have more than 30 years of experience and we also have specialist knowledge of cleaning and floor maintenance. No stain is too tricky for us; we can handle any floor. Our floor specialists are well-skilled in the most innovative methods for cleaning, maintaining and protecting any type of floor. The result is a flawless floor that you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time to come. We’re happy to share our expertise, and we’re open and transparent about what we do. We won’t sweep anything under the carpet, because we believe that collaboration is fundamental to a cleaner and better future.

The power of innovation and craftsmanship

We’ll make sure that your floor lasts longer

We maintain floors by using the most innovative cleaning methods. Our wide range of services focuses on optimal convenience and the floor’s ideal life cycle. Once your floor has been installed, we’ll begin regular maintenance, which will guarantee the longevity of your floor. But even if you’ve already been using your floor for some time, we can still provide specialist cleaning. Carrying out regular maintenance and deep cleaning allows us to go one step further than regular, superficial cleaning. As a result, we’ll be able to protect your floor from scratches and dirt and keep it looking like new.

Clean enough is not good enough

We’re thinking about the floor of tomorrow

Sustainability is in our DNA. Every day we ask ourselves if we could do our job better, faster and with even less environmental impact. That’s why our roof is covered with solar panels, and it’s why we drive electric cars and work with eco-friendly permanent coatings and cleaning agents, and why our waste is recycled or processed into non-harmful residual products. This is also our philosophy when it comes to replacing a floor. Any materials that can be reused will be given a second life. This means that the cycle will continue and that we will have come full circle.

Less maintenance and a longer lifespan

A dedicated specialist for more than 30 years

We use our expertise across different sectors. Even though each of these sectors imposes their own demands, and have their own set of circumstances and needs, they all have common requirements: less maintenance, a simple cleaning method and a floor that will last longer. With more than 30 years of experience in floor maintenance, we can fulfill all of these requirements.








Cruise industry


A tailor-made plan

With outstanding maintenance as a basis

We can offer you a tailor-made maintenance plan. For this purpose, our specialists will pay you a visit so that they can inspect the floor, assess its condition and identify any defects. We will then determine what needs to be done and incorporate this information into your floor maintenance plan. This is a complete summary that provides you with clear information about everything that you will need to know. From the planning of regular cleaning services and intensive regular maintenance right up to your investment, which includes your cost recovery period. Everything will be documented in your digital floor passport, which will provide you with a summary of, and insight into the details and enable you to maintain control over your floor. 

Collaboration involves knowledge sharing

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As a top international expert in floor maintenance, we know what’s needed for a durable and spotless floor. We prove this each day with the many square meters of floors that we treat. It goes without saying that, in doing so, we strive for maximum sustainability.


We firmly believe that innovative supply chain management is one way to achieve this. And that’s why we share our expertise and collaborate with cleaning companies, upholsterers, facility and real estate organizations and floor manufacturers. Our Spot Academy is not only our knowledge center, it’s also our training center and testing ground. What once started out as our own testing ground has now become an inspiration room for everyone. It’s here that we develop and test new innovations, share specific product knowledge and provide training courses.

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Each sector has its own needs and requirements, and each floor requires its own approach. But the result is always the same: a spotless floor that has had its lifespan extended by many years. Take a look at our projects and see for yourself: when it comes to our many projects, we are happy to pay a visit to anyone who requires our services.

Our craftsmanship and innovation power are what sets us apart. That’s what our customers are saying

Marijn van Dijkhuizen - Founder

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Would you like to work at a company that has your best interests at heart? Then Progenta is the right company for you! We love happy colleagues and we do everything we can to ensure that they stay that way. For example, our workday often starts with a group workout, which will get you off on the right foot and ease you into your day. Our in-house Spot Academy will provide you with all the training that you need to become a specialist. And variation is guaranteed as we actively involve you in all of our innovations and developments. And as a special bonus, we even have our very own cookies: Vlekkies, or to give them their English name: Spotties. And they’re absolutely delicious! If you’d like to join our fun team, click on the Job Vacancies button.