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We share our knowledge and experience with you and your cleaners

Learn how to clean and maintain floors yourself, with the right means and methods. Thanks to the training courses in our partner program

Progenta Partner Program

Spot Academy for everyone

You shouldn’t keep what works to yourself. As masters of our trade, we value sharing our knowledge and innovative methods. This means that after our courses, you as an organization or cleaning company can maintain your own floors and help them last longer.


Why do we share our knowledge?

As international experts in floor maintenance, we know how to maintain floors and make them last longer. We prove this every day on many thousands of square metres of flooring. Sustainability is an integral part of our mission. We believe innovative cooperation throughout the chain contributes hugely to this. That is why we share our expertise and cooperate with cleaning companies, upholsterers, facility and real estate organizations and manufacturers. Our Spot Academy is not only our knowledge center, it’s also our training center and testing ground. It’s here that we develop and test new innovations, share specific product knowledge and provide training courses.

Courses and demonstrations

How to maintain floors

You’re welcome to our Spot Academy for courses and demonstrations. We’ll show you how to remove specific types of stain from different floors, how to maintain them and the best methods for doing so. You’ll learn more about our methods during the courses: Smart Care Trio and permanent coatings. You will also get tips and tricks about how to optimally use vacuum cleaners and scrubbers. Courses make daily and weekly cleaning much easier. There are also significant environmental benefits because fewer people are needed for maintenance, it is faster and less transport is required. After all, you don’t need to hire specialists for jobs you can do yourself.

Experiment with different floors

Seeing is believing! There are wide range of flooring types in our Spot Academy, including linoleum, woven vinyl, wood, natural stone and carpet. This means you can see for yourself that we offer a suitable solution for every floor, every stain and every industry. As a partner, you get full access to our expertise.

Flooring passport


A true floor specialist goes above and beyond cleaning and maintenance. This extends the life of your floor through excellent bespoke maintenance. We record the plan in the floor passport. As our partner, we will be happy to teach you all about it.


The Data Flooring Management system tracks each location’s floor condition. The system shows which floor is where, the age of the floor, what the current condition is, what the desired floor maintenance is. Everything to provide maximal insights and overview. After periodic floor cleaning, it is immediately clear which treatments the floor has received and in what condition it is. This management system also helps to make transparent budget forecasts and generates footprint reports. Even to the level of detail that you can compare floor maintenance methodologies. Interested in knowing why you should no longer choose polymer treatment but a permanent coating? The Data Flooring System answers these questions directly. With the floor passport, you have total control and know how your floor is doing at any point in time. More importantly, you’ll know what maintaining a floor will cost and, especially, what it will mean for our environment and for generations to come.

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