Maintaining tile floors

This is how we clean and maintain your tile floor

Extend your tile floor’s life by 4 years by taking advantage of our specialist knowledge, innovative methods and bespoke maintenance programs

Tile floors

How do you maintain a tile floor?

A greasy haze may appear on tile floors, and smudges and even footprints can become visible. This isn’t because of the tiles themselves, but because how they’re cleaned. Keeping tile floors looking good requires a thorough maintenance program. This will get the floor looking like new again and extend its life by multiple years.

A proper cleaning program, the right products, and periodic maintenance will help you get the most out of your tile floor. In practice, we sometimes see that too many cleaning products are used on tile floors and as a result they become slippery. They also get dirtier faster.

This is how we maintain
tile floors


Step one

Basic maintenance

Basic treatment complements regular cleaning, removes dirt, and repairs minor damage. Our flooring experts ensure your floor looks beautiful again after treatment.

Step two

Advice & training

Our floor experts know everything about your floor. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and your regular cleaning company. This is how we get the best out of your floor.

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Monique Zuure - Director

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