Maintenance advice

Increase your floor’s lifespan by +4 years with optimal maintenance

Our bespoke maintenance plans. Recorded in a floor passport that gives you maximum and up to date insights into your floor’s condition

A tailor-made plan

With outstanding maintenance as a basis

Progenta provides you with a bespoke maintenance plan. Our floor specialists will visit you, inspect the floor, and identify its condition and any defects. If the floor has been in use for a while, we give it a thorough clean so it looks brand new again.

A maintenance plan for your floor

For the best results

We then determine what needs to be done in the long term, and incorporate it into your floor maintenance plan. This is a complete summary that provides you with clear information about everything that you will need to know. From planning regular cleaning and intensive regular cleaning to investment. Everything will be documented in your digital floor passport, which will provide you with a summary of, and insight into the details and allow you to look after your floor.


Do you have a regular cleaning company already? No problem. As part of the maintenance advice, we like to share our knowledge with your cleaners so they can get the best out of your floor.

Floor data and inspection

Cleaned to the highest standards

What is the current state of your floor? When does it need maintenance? And when is the ideal time to replace it? The answers to these questions can be found in your digital floor passport. This means you know the state of your floor at any point in time.

Working with Progenta, you get much more out than you put in. We’ve joined forces and maintain the floors in the LUMC in Leiden. This works fantastically well - they’re particularly knowledgeable in their craft!

Rita Brouwer - Hago Zorg

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