Rubber and sports floors

This is how we clean and maintain your rubber and sports floors

Rubber and sports floors

Rubber and sports floors


People often think rubber and sports floors are easy to maintain. Wrongly so. Mopping alone is insufficient, especially against streaks from shoes and chairs. Getting them spotless requires a real thorough clean.

Factories treat these floors with a layer of paraffin. You have to machine clean the floor intensively or have it cleaned before you can use it.

A smart maintenance program will ensure the floor will stay in pristine condition. The floor will be stain and streak free, looking brand new. Maintenance also extends your floor’s life.

This is how we maintain rubber and sports floors


Step one

Basic maintenance

Basic treatment complements regular cleaning, removes dirt, and repairs minor damage. Our flooring experts ensure your floor looks beautiful again after treatment.

Step two

Thorough maintenance

Depending on the quality and condition of the floor, we perform thorough maintenance once every 5 years on average. Our flooring experts then give the floor an extra layer of protection, better protecting it against dirt and damage. This extends the life of your floor by an average of 4 years!

Step three

Advice & training

Our floor experts know everything about your floor. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and your regular cleaning company. This is how we get the best out of your floor.

We use sustainable products and techniques that minimize our and others’ ecological footprints. We like to share what we learn and discover. As far as we are concerned, sustainability and exclusivity are incompatible.

Monique Zuure - Director

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