Furniture cleaning

Even filthy furniture can look like new again

Our experts clean all types of furniture. Thorough, hygienic, and sustainable. No stain is too deep for us thanks to our specialized knowledge, innovative methods, and 30+ years of experience.

Furniture maintenance

Plan well with Progenta

The expertise and experience we gained from cleaning floors, we also apply to furniture, successfully and with excellent results. Even the filthiest furniture can look fantastic again with deep cleaning.


Frequently-used furniture gets stained sooner or later. We can expertly remove these stains for you, and maintain the furniture periodically after that. 

We clean these pieces of furniture

From fabric to leather

We make sure that office chairs, restaurant chairs, canteen chairs, cinema chairs, theater chairs, caravan cushions, boat cushions, car seats, coach seats, bus seats, tram seats, train seats, and airplane seats become clean and fresh again. These can be fabric chairs or leather upholstery. We can get all the stains out in 98-100% of cases, thanks to our innovative cleaning method: Encapsulation.

Innovative and thorough cleaning

Cleaned to the highest standards

The encapsulation method uses crystals, which cover the dirt. Three cylindrical or rotating brushes push these crystals into the carpet, where they do their work; they’re then vacuumed up or removed by your regular cleaning company during their daily or weekly cleaning routine. We adjust the concentration of crystals to match the condition of your carpet, allowing us to tackle light to heavy soiling. Your carpet will instantly look clean after this process. This method uses very little moisture, which makes it more cost-effective, more sustainable, and safer.

Our operational organization is designed to achieve a customer and employee satisfaction rating of 8.5, and we succeed in this. This means we deliver the services you deserve, and it keeps us on our toes so we keep improving.

Monique Zuure


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