Carpet cleaning

This is how we clean and maintain your carpet.

Increase your carpet’s life by 4 years by taking advantage of our specialist knowledge, innovative methods, and bespoke maintenance programs.

Extend the life of your carpet by multiple years by taking advantage of our specialist knowledge, innovative methods, and bespoke maintenance programs.

It’s not only carpets with stains, water damage, and track marks that require cleaning. Even carpets that look clean need to be serviced 2 to 3 times a year. This means invisible dirt doesn’t have a chance, and carpet quality and hygiene remain as good as they can be.

Innovative cleaning methods


We clean and maintain carpets with the innovative Encapsulation cleaning method, using the Smart Care Trio. The encapsulation method uses crystals, which cover the dirt. Three cylindrical, rotating brushes push these crystals into the carpet where they do their work; they’re then vacuumed up by your regular cleaning company during their daily or weekly cleaning routine. We adjust the concentration of crystals to match the condition of your carpet, allowing us to tackle light to heavy soiling. Your carpet will instantly look clean after this process. This method uses very little moisture, making it cost-effective, more sustainable, and safer.

For everyone

Easy to do yourself

Our partner program teaches cleaners to use this method in the best way possible. The Smart Care Trio machine is easy to use and, like its cleaning products, you can buy it from us. This method fits right into daily cleaning practices. This means you can optimally clean and maintain your carpet yourself.

All the benefits at a glance

Go for the best results

Special for the aircraft and cruise industry

Smart Care Aviation

We’ve developed a method, together with several cruise lines and airlines, that makes regular on-board cleaning more sustainable. This method requires a lot less water, meaning carpets in airplanes and cruise ships last up to 3 times longer, which is in line with the circular economy. We remove almost every stain with our Smart Care Aviation method, minimizing the need for carpet replacement. This saves money and time, but it’s also the most sustainable solution. Carpets gain and retain a fresh appearance, and their hygiene is as good as can be. This means there aren’t any inconveniences in terms of smell or noise, there is no sticky residue, and your carpet is walkable immediately after cleaning. This method is easy to learn, so your regular cleaning organization can start using it right away.

The advantages of Smart Care Aviation:

Partner program

Cleaned to the highest standards

This unique method is suitable for cleaning/maintenance companies working in airports around the world. You’ll learn this method quickly and easily in our Smart Care Aviation partner program, and find out how to get the best results. Smart Care Aviation integrates smoothly into existing aviation cleaning programs.


Do you want to know more about the partner program? We’ll share our knowledge and teach you the best, innovative floor maintenance methods.

Our operational organization is designed to achieve a customer and employee satisfaction rating of 8.5, and we succeed in this. This means we deliver the services you deserve, and it keeps us on our toes so we keep improving.

Monique Zuure - Director

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