PVC floor

This is how we clean and maintain your PVC floor

Extend your PVC floor’s lifespan by up to 4 years by taking advantage of our specialist knowledge, innovative methods and bespoke maintenance programs

PVC floor

How do you maintain a PVC floor?

If you maintain your PVC floor well, you’ll extend its life. These floors are given a protective coating in the factory, but this definitely does not mean they’re maintenance free. If you want to keep enjoying your floor, it is important to start a floor maintenance plan immediately. This extends your floor’s life every time you clean it.

This is how we maintain
PVC floors

For the best results

Step one

Basic maintenance

Basic treatment complements regular cleaning, removes dirt, and repairs minor damage. Our flooring experts ensure your floor looks beautiful again after treatment.

Step two

Thorough maintenance

We perform thorough maintenance once every 5 to 7 years, depending on the quality and condition of the floor. Our flooring experts then give the floor an extra layer of protection, better protecting it against dirt and damage. This extends your floor’s life by an average of 4 to 6 years!

Step three

Advice & training

Our floor experts know everything about your floor. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and your regular cleaning company. This is how we get the best out of your floor.

Our use of different types of permanent coatings is one of a kind. It means we have the right coating for every situation so your floor is protected as best it can be. We consider the floor’s functional properties, such as operating rooms, Clean Room environments, alcohol-resistant areas, direct walkability, ESD conductivity, and much more.

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