Floor maintenance that only real experts can offer

Quick, sustainable, and the best results

Progenta is the expert in floor maintenance, furniture cleaning and maintenance advice.

Good coatings with a
lifespan of 8 to 10 years!

Many methods are dry and usable immediately

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The best techniques with the fewest worries

Everyone will be pleased with them

Based on our years of experience, we know what floors and furniture need to regain or retain their perfect condition. We combine expertise with innovative techniques and high-quality, environmentally friendly products. This way we ensure that floors and furniture will be and remain just like new after maintenance.

The advantages of our maintenance methods at a glance:

Immediately walkable

Limited inconvenience during maintenance

Extends floor lifespans

In-house expertise & mastery

Environmentally friendly products

Sustainable methods that combat waste

A floor good as new
in just a few steps

From offices to hospitals

Our floor specialists will ensure you get the best results with the floor maintenance plan for businesses.

Step one

Inspection & floor plan

We inspect and assess every floor personally. We look at multiple factors, including materials, planned useful life, and current condition. Based on these, we create the optimal maintenance plan for your floor.

Step two

A matter of cleanliness

We start with a thorough clean, tailored to what the floor needs. Our floor specialists will visit periodically for cleaning and interim inspections. We perform a thorough or deep clean every 5 years on average. Your floor’s condition determines the precise period between these cleans. 

Step three

Cleaning company training

We’re happy to share our knowledge with your regular cleaning company and the cleaners. We can teach your cleaners how to keep your floors in top condition using the best methods, products, and machines.

We use sustainable products and techniques that minimize our ecological footprint. We like to share what we learn and discover. As far as we’re concerned, sustainability and exclusivity are incompatible.

Monique Zuure


Clean enough is not
good enough

We’re thinking about the floor of tomorrow

Sustainability is in our DNA. Every day we ask ourselves if we could do our job better, faster and with even less environmental impact. That’s why our roof is covered with solar panels, and it’s why we drive electric cars and work with eco-friendly permanent coatings and cleaning agents, and why our waste is recycled or processed into non-harmful residual products. This is also our philosophy when it comes to replacing a floor. Any materials that can be reused will be given a second life. This means that the cycle will continue and that we will have come full circle.

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