Natural stone

This is how we clean and maintain natural stone floors

Extend the life of your natural stone floor by multiple years by taking advantage of our specialist knowledge, innovative methods, and bespoke maintenance programs.

Natural stone

How do you maintain natural stone floors?

Smudges and blurring can develop on natural stone, as can stains and discoloration from old layers of soap and wax. Keeping these often more sensitive floors in the best condition requires intensive maintenance. We clean natural stone floors with environmentally friendly products and make sure they look great again.

This is how we maintain
natural stone

For the best results

Step one

Basic maintenance

Basic treatment complements regular cleaning, removes dirt, and repairs minor damage. Our flooring experts ensure your floor looks beautiful again after treatment.

Step two

Thorough maintenance

There are different types of treatment that depend on the type of natural stone. Given the many types of stone and their unique properties, it’s important to consider which treatment is appropriate for each project. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know what to do for the best results.

Step three

Advice & training

Our floor experts know everything about your floor. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and your regular cleaning company. This is how we get the best out of your floor.

It’s not for nothing that natural stone floors are considered to be among the best of their kind. They were laid as far back as Roman times. The result after crystallizing or mineralizing, for example, is truly amazing: this way these floors can last for generations!

Marijn van Dijkhuizen - Founder

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