Quality and Certification


Your guarantee for a fruitful collaboration: our certifications in various areas, such as labor, environmental friendliness, sustainability, and quality. In 2010, Progenta became the first organization in the industry to achieve an ISO certification. We were the first specialized floor maintenance organization to receive this certification.

Achieved Certifications


ISO 9001

Progenta complies with ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems. Our clients and prospects know that our processes meet international standards and that we value continuous improvement.

ISO 14001

This ISO certification is the international standard with requirements for an environmental management system. It helps us control and prevent environmental risks and achieve our environmental objectives.

Stichting Normering Arbeid
(Labor Standard Foundation)

The SNA certification mark is the certification mark for the staffing sector and contractors and was developed to limit the risks for labor hirers and clients of work. The certification mark is widely recognized and stands for “decent employership.” It reduces the risk of fines and additional assessments due to identity fraud, illegal employment, and fines related to liability of labor hirers and the supply chain.

Woolsafe Approved

The WoolSafe certification has been universally recognized worldwide for decades as the standard for carpet maintenance. The WoolSafe organization promotes the best cleaning and maintenance practices for all types of carpets and rugs, not just wool. Certified products are considered the best in the industry.

Green Seal

A global certification that proves we meet the highest standards of health and sustainability criteria for safer and more sustainable products and services.

Keurmerk Schoon (Clean Mark)

The Keurmerk Schoon was established by Schoonmakend Nederland, which represents the interests of professional cleaning companies and window cleaners in the Netherlands. By committing to this certification, we demonstrate that we conduct business in a reliable manner.

MVO (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The MVO Management System Certificate is an objective proof that an organization has a results-oriented management system for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is assessed according to the ISO 26000 standard, with checklists divided into four main topics: General, People, Planet, and Profit. Progenta complies with all four topics.

BVP (Industry Association for Project Furnishing)

Through participation in the Association of Project Furnishing, we seek collaboration within the supply chain. Together with chain partners, we explore possibilities to make the entire chain more sustainable through knowledge sharing.

Cradle to Cradle Certified®

Our carpet maintenance products are Cradle to Cradle Certified®! This certification is a recognized global quality mark that assesses how companies handle raw materials, the production process, and material reuse. In addition to environmental standards, the certification also considers the company’s social responsibility. This certification aligns perfectly with our vision of minimizing our footprint.

Great Place to Work

Progenta is officially certified as a Great Place to Work. This means that since November 2022, we are among the best employers in the Netherlands. The certification is based, among other factors, on research conducted among our employees. It is a testament to our mission of putting our people first.

We use sustainable products and techniques that minimize our ecological footprint and that of others. We are eager to share what we learn and experience. In our view, sustainability and exclusivity do not go hand in hand.

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